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Multiple portions of Articulating Boom Lifts can articulate at different angles, allowing the operator to reach over and above obstructions. When compared to Telescopic Boom Lifts, Articulated Boom Lifts provide more versatility because they can safely and efficiently reach out to difficult and limited regions. Both diesel and electric power sources are available for Articulating Boom Lifts. For outside activities, a diesel-powered boom lift is preferred, however for inside operations, an electric articulated boom lift is offered, which produces less noise and has non-marking tires.





 Articulating Boom Lift Rentals cost in Dallas, TX


Equipment Name 



4 Week

Boom Lift  Articulating  Electric  30 Ft $505 $1168 $2435
Boom Lift  Articulating  Diesel  35 Ft $464 $1232 $2359
Boom Lift  Articulating Electric 40 Ft $550 $1349 $3033
Boom Lift  Articulating  Electric  45 Ft $605 $1239 $2757
Boom Lift Articulating  Diesel  45 Ft $627 $1356 $2647
Boom Lift  Articulating  Electric  55 Ft $556 $1321 $2992
Boom Lift  Articulating  Diesel  60 Ft $793 $1985 $5044
Boom Lift  Articulating  Compact  80 ft $2640 $7691 $22874
Boom Lift Articulating  Diesel  85 Ft $1124 $2743 $5807
Boom Lift  Articulating  Diesel  125 Ft $2288 $6098 $11872
Boom Lift  Articulating  Diesel  135 Ft $2100 $4921 $10968



Articulating Boom Lift FAQs


What is an Articulated Boom Lift?

Booms that articulate. Because of the characteristic design of the Boom, Articulated Boom Lifts are the most easily recognized. This lift uses numerous pivot points (also known as joints or knuckles) on the Boom sections to provide length and reach, allowing you to reach up and over as well as vertically.

How does an Articulating Lift work?

The platform of an Articulating Boom Lift  contains portions that bend, allowing it to go up and over obstacles. The equipment can move sections of the lift independently, allowing operators to reach work areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

How much to rent an Articulating Boom Lift?

The cost of renting a Boom Lift is determined by the size required for the job: Rates range from $505 to $2100 per day. Rates range from $1168 to $4921 per week. Rates range from $2435 to $10968 per month.


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