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Evaluating The Benefits of Renting vs. Buying Heavy Equipment

As with any business decision, there are pros and cons of renting vs. buying your heavy equipment. In fact, this might be the oldest dilemma in the book for the construction industry, and yet it still plagues contractor today. When evaluating your decision, consider the following questions in this blog post.

Four Ways Technology Can Help Manage Heavy Rental Equipment Throughout a Project

In the construction industry, time is money—and it’s time to stop wasting it. Contractors have gone years without having proper visibility of their heavy rental equipment. However, the lack of visibility leads to a loss in profitability, productivity and efficiency in completing projects.

ProsRent: MVP Redefined via Code Authority

When businesses need to rent construction equipment outside of their usual territory, they need to rent from vendors that they don’t know. And they usually end up paying a higher price, too — because the industry is dominated by three large companies.

A History of CodeLaunch – Looking Back at 2016 Finalist: ProsRent

The construction equipment industry is dominated by three large enterprises who own most of the 7,500 equipment rental companies and supply yards across the United States.

DFW’s Hottest Startups of 2019 via Common Desk

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex only continues to prove that it’s nothing but ripe soil for new businesses to take root and grow fast, and the companies you’ll see on this list are taking full advantage of all DFW has to offer.

Changing the Construction Equipment Rental Industry Culture

ProsRent’s CEO John Clark recognized the lack of inventory and need for price transparency within the construction rental industry in 2016 while managing his own construction company. Now, COO Nick Powell and CEO John Clark want to make it simple for customers to source, manage, and procure rental equipment from a single asset aggregator. The ProsRent rental revolution started in 2017.