All your rental needs under one roof

Equipment Sourcing

With competitive, transparent pricing and unlimited inventory, we do the cost evaluations for you and provide options to meet your needs.

Order Tracking

From dispatched to on rent and through call offs, you can be confident in knowing exactly where your equipment is located throughout the entire project.

Equipment Management

Extend rentals past the original end dates, request service on any equipment onsite through our marketplace.

Payment Management

Receive one invoice for processing, and let us take care of the rest in coordinating with multiple vendors on their respective payments.

Who is Prosrent for?

Prosrent was built for contractors, by contractors with simplicity and self-service at its core. With thousands of units rented, Prosrent was created by a contractor that needed a better process for renting heavy-duty equipment. 

How does Prosrent help me in my job?

We understand firsthand the challenges that come with sourcing and managing rental equipment, that’s why we have designed the marketplace with the customer in mind and put you first in every transaction. From increasing your efficiency, to saving money, to having access to our 10,000+ locations, we help you every step of the way.

How does Prosrent save us money?

With competitive and transparent pricing, we provide you with multiple cost options to meet your needs. The average Prosrent customer saves 27% on their construction rental equipment when they use our online marketplace, allowing you to allocate resources elsewhere in your business.

What locations do you have equipment in?

We have locations in all major U.S. markets and hundreds of sub-markets and small towns. In fact, we have over 10,000 locations. When you work with us, you get access to rental equipment from our 10,000+ locations to find what you need closest to your job.

Why was Prosrent created?

There’s a better way to rent construction equipment – one that utilizes technology to bring renters and suppliers together to do business fairly and more efficiently. We are passionate about providing technology and online tools that help you stay ahead of the competition, constantly continue to innovate your business to find efficiencies and, ultimately, better effectively serve your clients.

How we do it?

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